2022 Viridis Genii VIRTUAL Symposium

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 24th, & 25th 2022

Join us for our 2nd VGS VERDANT VIRTUAL (7th Annual) retreat hosting lectures & hands-on workshops about the ethnobotany of plant magic, and more!

About Viridis Genii

The Viridis Genii symposium is an exploration of the greater mysteries of the Herbal Arte and how it manifests itself within all traditions, cultures and practices –the Craft of the Wise. Our desire is to move beyond the mundane and explore those mysteries in greater depth, fostering an environment where the green mysteries thrive, nourish and become one.


Presenters travel from all over the world (this year virtually!) to share their wisdom and experience with us. There are 9 lectures over the course of the weekend including the Keynote.


Our presenters offer hands-on intensive workshops over the course of the weekend. These workshops are 1.5 – 3 hours long and may be added to your registration for an additional cost. These are smaller groups and limited in size. If materials are included they will be shipped to you prior or post event depending on the materials you are to receive. 

Witches Market

When we meet in person we have a curated market where vendors from around the world come together to share their unique art and potions. We are still trying to figure out a good way to host vendors in the virtual realm. If you’ve experienced a good online market let us know which one and what you thought about it!

Featured Talks & Speakers

Welcome Keynote speaker Micah Abraxas Nilsson!! 31 years in this work, her focus has been in connecting directly and deeply with the plant beings, communing with them as both a healing and spiritual path. Weaving together the scientific and initiatic in her teachings, she helps others connect with the green spirit of nature, which surrounds and flows through us all.

Wiebke Rost

Magical Plant Images

Micah Abraxas Nilsson

Materia Magicka: Planetary Invocation through Herbal Intelligences~

Brandon Weston

The Midnight Barn Dance of 100 Spirits: Ozark Daemonology

Pricing &  Registration

Tickets to the Viridis Genii Symposium are all inclusive. You may purchase your ticket in full or use a payment plan.

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