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YOU ASKED AND WE LISTENED! WE HAVE ADDED ON AN EXTRA DAY TO OUR PROGRAMMING! This means we will have more time to hang out with each other, relax and also take advantage of the retreat centers amenities.
The 9th Annual VGS will take place this year June 26th through July 1st and is located at the Gwinwood Retreat Center in Lacey, WA.

Please read the following information carefully before registering to purchase a ticket to the symposium.

The base ticket price of $675 for a standard ticket which includes includes the following:
Dinner on Thursday, 9 lectures, Lodging for 4 nights, breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, breakfast Monday before checkout, and any other social events planned for the weekend. We will have a few new activities planned that will be group orientated but are not lectures. As well we have evening activities (usually hosted on Saturday and Sunday eve). (Please note: workshop intensives are not included in the base ticket price, you must add these on to your registration. You may do so now or add them on at a later time.

There are three workshop sessions and one session will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. **All workshops must be signed up for an additional fee (prices vary $35-$65). You may sign up for workshops now or at a later time once your ticket has been purchased.
Note: Workshop space is limited.

You may also purchase a deluxe ticket (or upgrade at a later time) for an additional charge which includes everything listed above and also the following items: Includes VGS Publication, Keepsake Spiral bound event journal/notebook, and limited item TBA).

**Workshops will not overlap with lectures. Click here to view our line up of lectures and workshops.

**Please note: You do not have to sign up for workshops. Your ticket grants you access to everything mentioned above. You are welcome to explore our vendors, the retreat center grounds and network with other participants during workshop times.

**Please keep the following dates and times in mind when making your travel arrangements.
On site registrations and check is between 3pm – 5pm on Thursday June 26th. We will most likely have an opening ceremony thereafter and dinner will be served from 6-7pm.  The symposium programming ends at Midnight, Sunday, June 30th with breakfast at 8am and checkout from your room between 10 and 11am Monday, July 1st.

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Discounted Ticket Options - Select the one that applies to you
If you wish to only purchase a ticket and come back later to select workshops or upgrade your ticket you may do so. Please keep your confirmation/order number handy. *Deluxe tickets include the annual publication, keepsake companion spiral notebook journal and limited special item TBD.

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All meals are included with your ticket (Dinner Thursday, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Fri, Sat & Sun and breakfast Monday) Please select the meal type you desire to eat for the weekend. **If you have any other dietary restrictions or food allergies that we need to be made aware of, please indicate in the space below.
Please select the meal type you will eat for the weekend
If you are gluten free please check that box along with the meal type you prefer.


4 Nights lodging is included with your ticket. Most of the lodging consists of cabins. Each cabin is divided in half w/ 6 twin bunk beds and shared bathrooms on each side of the cabin and a common room in the middle. This means each side could have up to 12 people if there are people willing to sleep on a top bunk. It is not our intention to assign top bunks but if you don’t mind please mention it below w/ your bunk mate requests for our consideration when assigning cabins/rooms. If you want to be placed with someone specific we'll do our best to assign you to the same cabin but its best to buy tickets ASAP to ensure preferred placement as it is first come first serve.
Please list your guests name if you plan on utilizing our discounted ticket. If you do not have a guest just enter "N/A"

Towels and Bedding

We will be providing bedding from the retreat center for your presenter room. You are responsible to bring your own towels and toiletries.
Please Confirm


All lectures are included w/ your ticket. Intensive workshops are not. Workshops are not mandatory. You may add them to your VGS Experience or opt not to (there will be plenty of things/places to enjoy during that time too. You may add them on now, or opt to later after you've purchased your base ticket. PLEASE NOTE: YOU MAY ONLY SIGN UP FOR ONE WORKSHOP FROM EACH SESSION!
Workshop Session A - $45 add on SELECT ONLY 1
This workshop intensive is 2 hours long. There may be additional material fees you are responsible to pay your instructor at time of event. Please check website description to confirm additional material fees.
Workshop Session B - $35 add on SELECT ONLY 1
This workshop intensive is 1 1/2 hours long. There may be additional material fees you are responsible to pay your instructor at time of event. Please check website description to confirm additional material fees.
Workshop Session C - $65 add on SELECT ONLY 1
This workshop intensive is 3 hours long. There may be additional material fees that you are responsible to pay your instructor at time of event. Please check website description to confirm additional material fees.

Scholarship Donations

We are hoping to offer scholarships to those who may need extra assistance in attending the event. If you are able to donate towards this cause it would be extremely helpful towards helping make this a reality.


Due to the nature of this event we are unable to offer refunds on partial payments or full registrations. In the unfortunate event that you are unable to come you may transfer to a friend or we will apply your balance (less fees, taxes, etc) towards the scholarship fund. Thank you for your understanding.
Refund Policy
Would you like to pay using a payment plan?
This option is available to presenter's guest should they wish to use the payment plan. Select No if you are a presenter and also No if you are a guest and want to pay in full at this time.