Anjel Craig

Anjel Craig

Lecture & Workshop Host

LECTURE: The Science and Spiritual intersections of Psilocybin mushrooms

A discussion on the promise and potential of entheogens, specifically psilocybin mushrooms. Anjel has been involved in the emerging psilocybin market in OR since it was a ballot initiative in late 2018, and serves on the rules making community for the testing side of the industry. They share their personal insight and scientific background in this discussion about the potential and promise of psilocybin therapy.

WORKSHOP: Working with Psilocybin Mushrooms as a Fungal Plant Ally
2 HOUR INTENSIVEā€“ space is limited to 20 participants

In this interactive workshop, Anjel shares their expertise and information about working with psilocybin both as a fungal ally from a witchcraft and science informed perspective. In this workshop they will cover how to identify and cultivate these mushrooms as well as advice and personal gnosis with their use.

$45 workshop add on fee
no materials fee

BIO: Anjel Craig is a queer nonbinary eclectic witch hailing from the New Orleans area currently living in Salem, OR. They are one of the lead coordinators of the Wild Witches of the Willamette and co-host of the Science Witch Podcast. They practice witchcraft that incorporates herbalism, yoga, feminism, astrology, social and racial justice, southern conjure, alchemy, ancestor reverence, Jungian theory and tarot, and is in a constant search for ways in which science and witchcraft intersect, interact and affirm one another. Anjel holds a Master’s of Science in Biology/Ecology and has been employed in scientific fields for most of their adult life and firmly believes that science and witchcraft are one in the same. They are an avowed myco-evangelist with the strong conviction that mushrooms will save the world. They have a spiritual connection to plants from a witchy and scientific perspective and enjoy identifying and teaching about plants found on witch walks hosted by the Wild Witches. They also love to crochet, draw, and dance, and can be found calling down the Goddess at the monthly full moon drum circles in Salem/Portland. They also can be found in sci-fi and furry fandom circles and conventions. They are a scion of the Egyptian Goddess of writing and science, Sheshat, and feel their calling is to facilitate synergy between science and spirituality that will help humanity survive and evolve.

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