David Simmons

Lecture & Workshop Host

LECTURE: Botanical Daemons: Constructing Living Spirit Settlements and Fetish Work

Drawing from many years of his own personal work with living plant fetishes and plant daemons and its application in the construction of assentamentos, (spirit settlements) within the context of Brazilian Quimbanda. He will demonstrate his own adaptation of these principles in the creation of living spirit settlements of fetish plants. He has personally worked with fetish plants in this way for many years now with great effects and results, most notably and extensively with mandrake. His approach will incorporate many eclectic elements from various traditions and forms of folk magic and he is greatly looking forward to sharing these fruits of his studies and experiences with a like minded audience.

WORKSHOP: Constructing a Living Mandrake Spirit Settlement Fetish
3 HOUR INTENSIVEā€“ space is limited to 10 participants

In this workshop David will be furnishing small mandrakes, pots, and various curio objects relevant within the context of folk magical traditions and The Brazilian Quimbanda. These curios will guide participants in the construction of their own living spirit settlement of a fetish mandrake. He will share some of his own experiences and also go over some basic recommendations for the care and growing of mandrakes. He will be touching upon some of the history and associations of mandrakes, The Brazilian Quimbanda spirit settlements, and fetish work.

$65 workshop add on fee
$25 materials fee to be paid to David at time of workshop.

BIO: David Simmons is a life long student of the occult, a master herbalist specializing in the witches poisons, an initiated Quimbandeiro, and a Qayinite. He contributed to the translation and English edition of the book Quimbanda, The Cult of The Red and Black Flame, his art work was featured in the Darkadya art books, and he has published numerous articles on the occult. He is also an alumni of The Viridis Genii Symposium returning now for his fourth year.

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