What is ‘The Viridis Genii’ ?

The Viridis Genii is the green spirit, the intelligence and life force that is both hidden and revealed. It is the animating force of the wild wood and the depths of the sea. It shrouds us; it engulfs us with its veiled green mist that awakens the heartbeat that delivers fecundity to the earth, the very essence of life.   It is the Green Gnosis one receives from their deep connection and communion with the genus loci.

Deep within these mysteries we find magic, we find myth, we find doorways, pathways, and keys, which allow us to enter the heavens and other worlds as well as guide us through the chthonic realms. We find a great teacher, a master in the arts. We find liberation. We find revelation to the secret workings of the world. It shows us how to create change behind the veil with the aid of those many green beings, which are the body of the green spirit.

We gain wisdom by attending to cycles of the plant world through vine, flower, root, seed, thorn, leaf, and by rod. It is through this gnosis we are shown how to make charms, healing formulas, and where we learn secret teachings and ancient lore of the genii. Each immensely laden with powers and virtues to assist us in blessing and in bane. We make powders, potions, incense, and oils. We make talismans, fetishes, poppets and charms–all with the body of the Viridis Genii.

Through these forces we are given tools to work with to cloth, feed, shelter and heal. It arouses us to lustful frenzy aiding in our lovemaking, the birthing of our children and gives us what we need to protect ourselves.   It has helped us share information around the world both ancient teachings and anew. The Viridis Genii gives us everything including our body, as we consume its flesh to make our own.

~Plant Magic, Mysticism, and Medicine~

THERE ARE MANY herbal conferences around the world that mainly focus on the clinical, holistic and natural herbalist facets and idealisms of herbalism. Some of these conferences touch upon folk magic and herbal esotericism from time to time, but we feel there is a greater need for a symposium more focused on herbal magic. The genii of plants have spread their roots throughout all cultures in one-way or another. There is an increasing rise in both folklore and esoteric knowledge for working with plants. Our goal is to be the first to offer a holistic multidisciplinary and multicultural awareness and approach to the study of plants from the perspective of magic. Plant magic is the Axis Mundi that our symposium revolves around and is the focus thereof. Our deeply held intention with the manifestation of this symposium is to offer the opportunity for presenters and participants to look at and discuss the hidden world of herbalism from a more in depth exploration into the green mysteries.

What can you expect to learn about?

IN THIS SYMPOSIUM we invoke those called to do the great work of the green spirit. The Viridis Genii calls upon those who seek the secret knowledge of the green world. Through myth, folklore, mystic and spiritual medicine traditions and above all those who wish to connect to the Viridis Arcanum — the hidden and revealed mysteries of the green arte. We invite practitioners from an array of disciplines to discuss, share and revel in the green mysteries, through art, ritual, lectures and workshops. The symposium will feature presentations and/or workshops by authors, scholars, practitioners, and artists who are researching or working in herbal esoteric currents. Topics or workshops may include but are not limited to the following: Herbal Alchemy, Wortcunning, Ethnobotany and the magical use of plants, Wild crafting with spirit, Herbal Astrology, Medicine with a focus on spiritual herbal practice, Shamanry, Witchcraft, Indigenous Traditional plant wisdom, Entheogen studies, ritual practice, Hoodoo, Rootwork, Lucumi, Palo Mayombe (and other ATR’s). The role of plants in ceremonial magic traditions, Herbal Charms and Talismans, Artists whose main body of work focuses on plants, craft brewing and distilling, and much more.

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