Conversing With Genii Loci w/ Day Host-Jablonski


Conversing With Genii Loci
1.5 HOUR INTENSIVE– space is limited to 30 participants

We will explore plant spirit communication and landscape connection through the practices of trance and sensory intuition. As we will be working at a distance from each other and the land, we will focus on imaginal journeying. This workshop will offer several short excursions into guided meditation and light-trance inducing drumming, time to integrate with art journaling. These practice exercises will aim to strengthen imagination in service of nourishing our personal relationships with plant and landscape spirits. We will discuss using the symbolism of plant signatures, and the practice of intuitive listening to more clearly hear plant spirit teachings.

Participants are encouraged to bring: a representation of a plant species (such as a leaf, potted plant or art piece), a memory of a specific landscape place (perhaps a photograph), and any art supplies desired for jourmaling. Headphones are encouraged for best audio.

$35 add on fee
$0 materials fee

Learn more about Day and the amazing topics she is presenting at this years Viridis Genii Symposium!  

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