Keynote Lecture: Materia Magicka: Planetary Invocation through Herbal Intelligences
Medical astrology has a long tradition of connecting herbs and their healing effects through the energies of the seven classical planets. But above the layers of organ and system, disease and treatment, there is a higher aspect of archetypal intelligence which can be drawn on for magick, ritual and ceremonial practice. The physical attributes of healing herbs reflect their higher nature through such qualities as heating or cooling, drying or moisturizing, and so on. But how does the spiritual practitioner choose from the many plants described as Mercurial in energy, or the disparate herbs of the Sun?
Using commonly-known herb and plant examples for each of the planets, along with some more obscure green allies from my experience, we will discover how to choose herbs as individual, specific carriers of influence- an art that can be as refined and sophisticated as the creation of sigils or angelic seals, the charging of talismans, or the writing of incantations and prayers. We’ll discuss each of the planets’ manifestations in its representative herbs, as well as how the planets and herbs overlap, interact, and modify each others’ energies. You’ll gain insights into the most targeted ways to incorporate the herbs you already connect with, and some techniques for finding new ones for your practice as it grows.

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