Mothers, Bright & Dark: the Moon and Saturn in Magickal Herbalism w/ Micah


WORKSHOP: Mothers, Bright & Dark: the Moon and Saturn in Magickal Herbalism
3 HOUR INTENSIVE– space is limited to 40 participants
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At the entrance and exit to the Tree of Life, the Sephirot of the Moon and Saturn act as gates to the intelligences between them. Above, Saturn sits on the threshold between form and the formless; while the Moon is the veil between the waking and sleeping worlds. Both of these energies are catalysts for ceremonial and ritual magick, and many practices invoke their boundary-crossing for magickal workings.

Herbs are potent carriers of these energies, whether we call upon the dream-inducing, visionary plants of the Moon, such as Mugwort or Ayahuasca, or the trickier dissociative initiatics of Saturn like Iboga or the nightshades of flying ointment fame. Other herbs, like Cannabis and the Poppy straddle both worlds, at once dreamy and disconnecting, depending on dose.

In this workshop we will delve into the history, botany, chemistry and magickal uses of some of my favourite herbs of the Moon and Saturn, both through stories of their sacred natures, and through experiential tastings and meditation.

We’ll invoke the bright silver line of Mugwort, connecting us back to ourselves as we travel the subtle planes, and we’ll ride the darker waves of a safe but powerful nightshade associated with dreamwork and scrying. We will also experience the archetypal aspects of more mundane and gentle herbs so that you have a broad toolkit of plant allies to draw on, as well as a deep understanding of which tools to reach for, the next time you work with the Saturnian Dark Sterile Mother and her Bright, Fertile Lunar reflection

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Learn more about Micah and the topics she will bestow her wisdom upon us here. 
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