Ought to Return–Strategies for Reseating the Hun and Po w/ John Anderson


WORKSHOP: Ought to Return–Strategies for Reseating the Hun and Po
3 HOUR INTENSIVE– space is limited to 20 participants

In this workshop, participants will be provided the chance to compound a pair of small formula one of which is meant to seat the Hun or celestial soul, and the other of which is meant to reseat the po within the body. First, we will look at two variants of a similar formula which are attested to within the Bencao Gangmu, compiled and published in 1593, and which are aimed at returning a lost soul. To this end, we will discuss the strategies at play within these formulas. We will then work to modify these same strategies for a more contemporary setting and mindset centering on approaches which are generally more directly nourishing, as well as less toxic.

The first formula to be addressed here will be Shengmai San, or “Generate the Pulse Powder,” as an accompaniment to the settling and working of the po soul by supporting and nourishing it. Next, we will examine a slightly more complex formula in the form of Danggui Sini Tang (“Four Frigid Limbs decoction with Tangkuei”) the aim of which is to root the Hun soul while allowing it free rein to move at ease within the body.

As part of this workshop, the participants will be presented with the affinities of each herb, their properties, within the formulae and will be asked to “awaken” the herbs according to their own practices before compounding at least one formulae with the ingredients provided. Lastly instructions for cooking of the herbs will be provided, should the participants wish to take the formula.

In addition to herbal approaches, participants will also be given access to invocations which are meant to settle the hun and po at night from a group of Daoist texts known as the 云笈七签 “Seven Cloud Satchels” These selections have not been translated completely to English before.

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