Sean Croke 2023


LECTURE: The Medicinal Qualities of the Mother of Poison: Magical Uses of Tobacco
Tobacco (Nicotiana spp.) is a much maligned plant in the modern world, considered an addictive scourge, stinking and cancerous. Many people all over the world ingest this plant daily, but often with a sense of shame and a lack of intention, which does often lead to negative health outcomes. People are moving more and more towards divorcing the main addictive/desired alkaloid, nicotine, from the plant matrix in which they live so that it can be more easily consumed in bubblegum flavored vegetable glycerine vape juice and etc.

Many people are unaware that Tobacco is considered a teacher plant and a medicine by many different spiritual traditions, the plant is held in the same level of esteem as some of the better known plant teachers such as Ayahuasca. People turn into jaguars and divine the sources of illness through working with Tobacco.
Tobacco also has their place as a practical addition to any herbalist’s toolkit, they can reduce pain and swelling and have a profound influence upon the vagus nerve.

This presentation will look at historical and current methods of working with Tobacco as a medicinal herb and teacher plant while also trying to understand how this sacred herb has come to be so disrespected in the modern world.

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