Sean Croke 2024


LECTURE: St Peter and the Keys to Heaven: The genus Trichocereus in Magical Practice

The genus of cacti known as Trichocereus, which are also known by such names as Achuma, Gigaton, and San Pedro, are a group of very wise and instructive plant teachers that originate in the Andean highlands and are now grown all across the world. They are a potent visionary medicine that have been worked with as a teacher plant and medicinal herb for millennia, with a rich and vibrant history of ceremonial use dating back at least to the Chavin culture some 3,000 years ago. The practices of the cult surrounding this cactus are still alive and thriving, having become syncretized during colonization and ongoing interactions with the wider world, and these practices would be familiar to anyone who is well versed in Western occultism.

This class will cover some history of this genus in terms of their use in magical workings and healing traditionally, as well as looking at some modern ways of working with the cactus in a variety of lineages, including the author’s approximately twenty years worth of practice tending to this plant in the garden, researching them in a phytochemical sense, and working with them as a ceremonial teacher.


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