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Verdant Gnosis:
Cultivating the Green Path, Vol 5
edited by Catamara Rosarium, Marcus McCoy & Jenn Zahrt, PhD
186 pages / July 2019
Published by Revelore Press

Within this fifth volume you will find a rich selection of international authorities on the Green Way, ranging from professional plant alchemists, shamanic herb-masters, to bioregional animists. Herein you will learn the ways in which you can communicate deeply with the mysterious intelligence of the plant kingdom, breaking down the barriers of anthropocentric thinking that separate humanity from nature. Volume five presents a thread of material focusing on plant alchemy, magical lamps in conjure, querencia, shapeshifting, second sight, funeral rites, thorn magic, and phytognosis.

With contributions by: Vex Blòðstjarna, Corinne Boyer, Day Host-Jablonski, Julia Semproniana, Karin Di Giacomo, Marcus McCoy, Professor Charles Porterfield, Catamara Rosarium, Daniel A. Schulke, Ella von Cosel and Brandon Weston. Featuring art by K Lenore Siner.

—Catamara Rosarium, Marcus McCoy, and Jenn Zahrt, PhD

Green Gnosis, Magic, and Plant Alchemy: A Hermetic Perspective
—Karin Di Giacomo

Flowers for the Dead: The Perfumed Corpse in Ancient Greek Lore and Funerary Magic
—Ella von Cosel

Querencia Perfume: Wildcrafting Whole-landscape Smudge and Meeting the Spirit of Place
—Day Host-Jablonski

A Hen on Her Eggs: Magical Lamps in Conjure
—Professor Charles Porterfield

Gift of the Spirit(s): Supernatural Healing in the Ozarks
—Brandon Weston

Plants and the Second Sight: An Investigation into Perceiving the Hidden
—Corinne Boyer

The Verdant Versipellis: Tracking Herbal Allies in Ritual Shapeshifting
—Vex Blòðstjarna

“The Thorn Bush Listens to our Secrets”: Thorn Lore in Pyrenean Witchcraft and Folk Magic
—Júlia Semproniana

Axioms of Phytognosis
—Daniel A. Schulke

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