Title: Tryptamine-Containing Grasses of the PNW and San Joaquin Entheogens

For the last few years I have been in the field researching the Phalaris species occupying the Pacific Northwest; their potential for biofuel, basket weaving, livestock feed, erosion control, and medicinal values. So far my group has discovered a new active source of entheogenic tryptamines from P. Paradoxa(Festi and Samorini only detected alkaloids in 1993-1994) and quite a bit more presently unknown attributes of the entheogenic effects of these grasses. My hope is to present data at this symposium to share and expand the current knowledge of these tryptamine sources and their safety. I have written 2 complete underground “zines” on the genus Phalaris and am following up with information on Phragmites, Arundo, and Digitaria spp. from Oregon and Washington. The dmt-nexus.me and sharetheseeds.me have been my main public channels of conveying such information but a larger public venue is needed, I believe, so more are able to confidently embrace these entheogens for personal and collective healing and awareness of the pristine and archaic beauty of magic that lies beneath our feet and covers so much territory in the Pacific Northwest.

My studies sprouted two new small projects entitled the Northwest Urban Soil and Plant Improvement Project and the Phalaris Pasture Propagation Association which seek to evaluate the best nitrogen-fixing plants to add to pastures and at-home endeavors. Legumes such as Vicia, Medicago, and Lupine spp. have been studied and contrasted with their ability to increase crop yields. The Phalaris have been the tell-all of if these plants are improving their usual conditions and how. Other plants that have been added to this study are from the Elaeagnaceae (Elaeagnus Umbellata and Hippophae Rhamnoides), which may also have a place in the world of Tryptamine/Beta Carboline interactions, commonly known as Ayahuasca Analogues.

Information on the potentials of Phalaris grass synergy and the medicinal to entheogenic usage of the plants involved will be of topic, and much of it completely fresh to the ears and eyes of the world.

Aside from the information on tryptamine containing grasses of the Pacific Northwest, I have also been traveling to California to collect plant samples and analyze the possibly unknown abundance of entheogens from the San Joaquin Valley and study the shamanic usage of early plants in that region as well. Most plants are actually introduced but take up a large part of the valley landscape so are indeed important allies in medicine.

This lecture will discuss the cultivation of various grass species (Phalaris, Phragmites, Arundo) in terms of how to raise them as medicinally significant plant teachers and healers and displaying such other important usages such as paper making and biofuel production. The main plant genus featured will be Phalaris though studies on other Northwestern grasses containing constituents of interest will also be discussed. Though I am no expert, it is in my highest regard to share an experience with these tools of wisdom and exploration with conscious intention. May the sunshine bless and gleam and the moonlight caress you as you dream.


Growing plants is my passion, and when they teach me a lesson not available in any pharmacology journal or botany book, I am profoundly grateful. I have dedicated myself as an underground researcher of plants and their healing properties for close to half a decade. It is my belief that direct experience and unfiltered information brings about the supreme understanding and open hearted relationship with plants that conforming to reductionist scientific data will never bring. Life forces detailing the pathways to liberation are readily accessible at any given moment. They simply ask that we set down our egos momentarily and dissolve as a salt particle amidst the endless ocean of this floating life vessel. Having lived in the Pacific Northwest for the past few years has allowed me to connect on a deeper level never expected with these magical dream grasses to facilitate a closer love for my fellow human beings and relieve personal anguish. They have called to me and I hope to do everything in my power to spread their wisdom and seeds for any ears of entheogen explorers that are opened and absorbing.


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February 13, 2015