We will be accepting applications for vendors from 10/31/20 – 5/31/21.
If you are interested in vending Please follow this link and stay tuned for more information.

Below is a list of our marketplace vendors from 2019
2019 CONFIRMED Witches Marketplace Vendors

Little Gold Fox Designs – Nature-based original artwork printed on gift items including prints, cards, bookmarks, jewelry, and Tshirts.

Michelle Anderst -Fine art collection inspired by plant magic, geometry and numerology ~ original paintings, hand gilded paper prints, wood block prints and note cards.

Montsegure Institute – Giordano Bruno memory seal amulets (Prometheus) of a one-time only, highly limited 30 piece edition. Hand cast in golden Bronze and astrologically at +10 Mercury time, magically charged, Remaining English Translation of Beat Krummenacher’s book on Spagyric Tinctures – Tradition, preparation and usage, and Jan Bett’s visionary Plant Gnosis Art – Postcards and Posters.

Occvlta – Incenses, herbal talismans, rosaries, and smoking blends.

Phytognosis– specializes in rare and unique plant resins, woods, oils, roots, and leaves for use during ritual, meditation, and spiritual workings.

Quintessential Arts – Handmade fine and sterling silver jewelry. Emphasis on botanicals.

Rare Earth Designs – hand crafted woodworks using a variety of rare and exotic woods to include engraved wood/leather bound journals; calligraphy pens; wands; rune sets; massage tools; drinking horns and stands; divination tools and drums. Also available for custom crafting of esoteric tools and implements.

Rosarium Blends – Talismanic and Magical * Incenses * Oils * Perfumes * Occult Books *
Handcrafted Ritual Incense Blends, Enchanting Essential Oil Blends, Talismanic Natural Perfumes, All natural Erotic Apothecary line, Talismanic Medieval Dragon’s Blood Products, Spirit Bottles, Rare Woods and Resins, and much much more.


If you are interested in vending at the VGS, we have a few spaces left!  Please follow this link for more information.



Secret Fire Apothecary


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