We will be opening up the 2024 vendor application towards the end of February. Please join our mailing list to be among the first to know when the application is available! Please note: You must purchase a ticket in order to vend at our event. There is an additional fee of $150 to vend at our event. 

2023 CONFIRMED Witches Marketplace Vendors

Aurora Spagyric Arts VGS PRESENTER DAVID BACCOAurora Spagyric Arts creates Spagyrics that are highly concentrated living medicinal extractions from plants and herbs that are expressed through particular planetary signatures to Nurture, Balance and Harmonize the Three Philosophical Principles in Each of Our Bodies: Salt -Physical Body, Mercury -Mental/Spiritual/Intellectual, & Sulfur -Soul Level, Protect, Work, Create; Commune with Our Inner-selves.

Of Oak and Ash Apothecary – VGS PRESENTER KIM SCHWENKPowders, black salt, scrying powder, scrying oil, charms, divination tools, magic stationary and envelopes and paper sheets, tea blends, herbals, and ritual tools.

Phoebe Hildegard | Spirit Work, Atelier, and Apothecary – VGS PRESENTER PHOEBE HILDEGARD FINCHLimited edition esoteric publications, devotional art, amulets, herbal products (incense, tinctures, sachet powders), small batch materia magica.

Understory Apothecary – VGS PRESENTER SEAN CROKE –Wildcrafted and garden grown tinctures, Trichocereus cuttings and seedlings, wildcrafted essential oils, tobacco snuffs, various botanical miscellanies.

Rosarium Blends -VGS ORGANIZER   -Talismanic and Magical * Incenses * Oils * Perfumes * Occult Books *Rosarium Blends is an esoteric apothecary and occult book store. They make their own ritual incense, enchanting oil blends, talismanic natural perfumes, planetary sigil Incense, cleansing asperge sprays, grimoire inks, erotic apothecary, alchemical cosmetics and so much more. Most of their formulations are original recipes and result from extensive historical research, practical experimentation and extensive magical studies and training. Each formula is blended and charged during the appropriate lunar phases and astrological correspondences to enhance their potency and increase the heightened awareness they were designed to awaken. Each formula, a living spirit serving as a direct link to the inherent energies its charm embodies.

Troll Cunning Forge – VGS ORGANIZEROccult/Esoteric Blacksmithing Materia and Magical Ritual Implements~


If you are interested in vending at the VGS, we have a few spaces left and are still accepting applications!  Please follow this link for more information.
We are looking specifically for vendors who are offering high quality botanical items who are also interested in attending this event. (ie botanical themed art, jewelry, potions, plants, dyes, incense, oils, herbal medicines, materia etc.) NO MLM’s will be considered. Vendor spaces are limited and juried so as to monitor the quality and also not over saturate the event with similar offerings. All applications due by May 13th.

Please note: You must purchase a ticket to the event and pay the required vendor fee in order to secure your spot. We structure the event so you don’t have to work the whole time and can enjoy the actual event and also still make money.



Tickets for the 9th Annual VGS are now Available!

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