Corinne Boyer

Z Hudelot

Lecture & Workshop Host

LECTURE: Ghosts of the Forest

Mycoheterotrophs: Ghostly, glass-like, nearly glowing, these rare forest plants captivate those lucky enough to happen upon them. These ghosts of the forest have lost their ability to photosynthesize, setting them apart from most any other plant. Explore how these powerful, eerie, beautiful plants function, lore, and their uses.

WORKSHOP: Into the Earth – Ghost Pipe Materia
1.5 HOUR INTENSIVEā€“ space is limited to 20 participants

Mycoheterotroph lore is that of ghosts, gnomes, and magic. Examine mycoheterotrophs up close and explore their uses in ritual and necromancy. Create your own ghost pipe materia.

$35 workshop add on fee
no materials fee

BIO: Z Hudelot is an educator, historian, and forager studying natural sciences to better understand our relationship to our environment and explore its potential. Z believes we can gain a more thorough understanding of our natural world and our place within it through a unity of folklore, folk practices, historiography, and scientific study.

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